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WTRMLN WTR? …What is that?

WTRMLN WTR is the pioneer in healthy, cold-pressed juiced watermelon, sourced straight from the fruit. Each and every bottle contains just 3 simple ingredients – watermelon flesh, watermelon rind, and organic lemon. Yep, deliciously simple – and healthy!

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What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressed is a means of juicing fruits or vegetables by applying tremendous pressure exerted by a Hydraulic Press. Compared to your home blender or a juicer that spins at a very high speed creating heat and in the process killing many minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements, Cold-Pressed however preserves these vital elements so that you may receive the most nutritional value possible.

Is WTRMLN WTR pasteurized?

No. WTRMLN WTR is never heated. It is produced using a High Pressure Process (HPP) that protects the enzymes and nutrients, but eliminates the micro-organisms.

Is WTRMLN WTR Organic?

WTRMLN WTR uses organic lemon, but non-organic watermelons. Why? Watermelons are part of the “Clean 15”, the group of 15 fruits and vegetables that have such a durable, thick outer skin that they bare little to no traces of pesticides and are considered safe to consume in non-organic form.  In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group, organic certification for watermelon is “unnecessary.”


Yes. WTRMLN WTR contains no genetically modified organisms and is certified non-GMO through the Non GMO Project.

Is WTRMLN WTR Kosher, Gluten Free, & Vegan?

Yes. WTRMLN WTR is certified Kosher, Gluten Free, and absolutely Vegan!

Is WTRMLN WTR safe for diabetics?

While WTRMLN WTR contains 12g of naturally occurring sugar, it is best to consult your nutritionist or doctor before consuming WTRMLN WTR if you are diabetic.

Is WTRMLN WTR safe for lactose intolerants?

Yes! WTRMLN WTR is completely dairy-free.

How many watermelons are in a bottle of WTRMLN WTR?

Each bottle of WTRMLN WTR contains 1.2 pounds of watermelon.

Does WTRMLN WTR add sugar?

No sugar is ever added to WTRMLN WTR. The 12 grams of sugar listed on the label are naturally occurring (fructose) and come directly from the watermelon fruit.

NO SUGAR ADDED. See nutrition panel for further information on sugar and calorie content.

Does WTRMLN WTR add water?

No water is ever added to WTRMLN WTR. Interestingly, the watermelon fruit is naturally compromised of 92% water, so adding water isn’t necessary for refreshment

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are one of the many ionic solutions found in your body; they keep your body, muscles, and nerves hydrated. WTRLMLN WTR contains 6x the electrolytes of your favorite sports drink!

Is WTRMLN WTR safe for children?

Absolutely! If your children love watermelon, they will love WTRMN WTR and enjoy the same benefits.

Is WTRMLN WTR safe for pregnant women?

While we always recommend that pregnant women consult their doctor about specific dietary needs and precautions, the HPP process used to produce WTRMLN WTR makes it generally safe to drink during pregnancy.

Why does the pulp in WTRMLN WTR separate?

Because WTRMLN WTR does not contain any artificial additives, pulp is naturally separated due to different densities of the watermelon fruit.

When is the best time for me to drink WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR is a delicious way to hydrate after working out, in the morning, after a night of drinking, and any other time you want to taste the liquid love!

How should I store WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR should always be kept refrigerated until you’re ready to consume.

What is the shelf life of WTRMLN WTR? Where can I find the expiration date on a bottle of WTMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR has a 55 day shelf life from the day of production. The expiration date can be found on the shoulder of the bottle, near the closure.

How should I store WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR should always be kept refrigerated until you’re ready to consume.

Is it okay for me to drink WTRMLN WTR after the expiration date?

We do not recommend you drink WTRMLN WTR after the expiration date printed on our bottles.

Can I freeze WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR should not be frozen in the bottle. We recommend using a separate container. You can also make WTRMLN WTR into a Popsicle for a frozen treat! Since our shelf-life is 55 days, remember to consume your frozen deliciousness before the expiration date!

My local store doesn’t have WTRMLN WTR, what can I do?

Speak with the store manager and ask him/her to reach out to us at

Is the WTRMLN WTR bottle recyclable? Is it BPA Free?

Yes, the WTRMLN WTR bottle is recycling friendly in all States with a recycling program. Yes, the WTRMLN WTR bottle is BPA free.