Our Story

Our Magical Tale

Our magical tale begins with our own WTRMLN whisperer, whose gift of hand selecting and harvesting the earth’s ripest, conscientiously grown melons is unparalleled. And our beautiful tale ends with a bottle of the purest, unadulterated, mouth mystifying, healthy hydration salvation that is second to none.

Drum Roll Please

Along the way to optimum ripeness and readiness, Our Magic Melons absorb all the goodness from the soil and all the energy from the sun to take on maximum hydration, nutrients and taste perfection too wonderful to articulate through words alone.

Best of all, nearly all of Our Magic Melons are harvested locally by family run farms who employ the highest level of standards of conscientiousness.


Giving a home to melons

(aka Giving the “seconds” and second chance)

In 2013 Harlan and I felt the urge to make real change in the world and apply our passions toward something radically different. We focused our collective energies on a shared interest for both sustainability and healthier consumer beverages. Our little mind meld resulted in the idea of WTRMLN WTR. In WTRMLN WTR, we discovered we were able to achieve two lofty, yet attainable goals. The first, was to find a home for what the “industry” referred to as “discarded melons” – watermelons to be discarded simply because there was a blemish on an otherwise delicious melon. By finding a home for these discarded melons, farmers could turn a loss into a profit. The second, and equally as meaningful goal, was to introduce the awesome, super delicious, amazingly beneficial water from the melon to the world!

By creating this meaningful relationship with farmers, we were able to utilize these “discarded” melons to create what has already become one of the most exciting new beverages in the market. And in doing so, we were able to realize our collective dream of bringing a new and better product to the consumer, one that is of the highest standard from both a consumption and sustainability perspective.

We couldn’t be happier. We hope you are too.
With Liquid Love, Jody & Harlan